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18-21 DEC 2018



Violence affects some 1.7 billion children every year,

in every country, city and community.

affects some

1.7 billion children every year, in every country, city and community.

With your help, a world without violence against children is possible.


Children make up more than 25% of all detected trafficking victims.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

An estimated 152 million children aged 5-17 have been subjected to child labour worldwide. 73 million of them have been involved in hazardous work.

There are about 650 million child brides worldwide, all of whom were married before their 18th birthday.

Tens of thousands of boys and girls have been recruited as servants, child soldiers or suicide bombers by armed forces and armed groups in conflict in over 20 countries around the world.

About 28 million children have been driven from their homes by violence and insecurity within and across borders.

Come interact with World Vision’s child protection specialists and field practitioners as they share their experiences of confronting child rights violations in both humanitarian and development settings.

Learn about the challenges and successes they have encountered in implementing evidence-based approaches for tackling the diverse causes of violence against children.

Embark on field visits to World Vision’s peri-urban and rural projects to uncover the crucial, and sometimes surprising, connection between meeting the everyday needs of poor communities, and keeping vulnerable children safe from abuse.

Come away equipped and emboldened to:

Raise Your Voice:

Build and sustain the momentum of advocacy for an end to violence against children.

Hold To Account:

Highlight violence when it occurs and call out those responsible.

Shine A Light:

Help survivors to amplify their stories and voices.

There are proven solutions for preventing, mitigating, and responding to child abuse.

With your help, a world without violence against children is possible.


Speaker Sessions

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18-21 December 2018

Bangkok, Thailand


Conference fee per registrant

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17 DEC

International participants arrive in Bangkok and settle in

18 DEC

• Welcome Address: What is Your World Vision?

• Behind-the-scenes visit to the National Office of World Vision Thailand

• Culture Night

19 DEC

20 DEC

A day of field visits to World Vision’s peri-urban and rural projects in and around Bangkok

21 DEC

• In Closing: The World is Yours to Make

• International participants depart from Bangkok

Group discounts available.


• Keynote Address: A Child’s World Today

Child Rights the World Over: A Human Library

• Workshops on some of the key aspects of a multi-sectoral response to violence against children:

o On the Move: Protecting Children in Forced Displacement

o The Business(wo)man as Child Protector

o Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Child Labour in the Asia-Pacific

o Violence against Children in the Digital Age

• Evening tour of Bangkok

Enjoy a 5% discount if you are a former World Vision intern, or a returning conference attendee.


For details of what the conference fee covers, please visit our FAQs.

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Meet Our Speakers

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Sarawut Rachasrimuang

National Director

World Vision Thailand

Amy Collins

East Asia Regional Programme Coordinator, Ending Violence Against ChildrenWorld Vision International

Mike Wiseheart

Business Engagement LeaderWorld Vision International

Matthew Scott

Fragile Contexts Initiative LeaderWorld Vision International

Darrel Lim

Director, Strategic Partnership

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

“Violence is the unspoken secret in every culture – everyone knows it happens, but nobody wants to talk about it. It’s time to shine a light on it.”

Kevin J. Jenkins

President and Chief Executive Officer

World Vision International


Tell me more about World Vision.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation working in poverty-stricken communities worldwide to address the needs of vulnerable children and families. World Vision works in about 100 countries around the world, and serves all people on the basis of need, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or nationality. Through a combination of relief, development, and advocacy programmes, World Vision works in partnership with disadvantaged communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential. Our programmes address a range of essential needs that have a critical bearing on the livelihoods of poor families and the well-being of children. These needs include:

How is the YFCC connected to World Vision’s mission?

We believe in the potential of youth to contribute to our mission to lift children and their families out of poverty and into lives of dignity and independence. To empower purpose-driven youth to be the change they wish to see, we run a range of programmes, such as the YFCC, to:

• Enhance understanding of poverty-related issues

• Encourage the development of an inclusive, global outlook

• Nurture empathy and compassion for the challenges faced by poor and vulnerable communities

This year, the YFCC will pay special attention to the scourge of violence against children, which has been acknowledged as a global development issue with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. The aspiration to build a world where all children grow up free from violence and exploitation by 2030 can only be realised if all sections of society, including governments, businesses, faith-based organisations, civil society groups, families, and – most importantly – children and youth themselves work together to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

What costs do the conference fees cover?

The conference fee takes into account the cost of all programme activities, as well as essential amenities for the duration of the conference, including accommodation, meals, and ground transport in Thailand. The conference fee does not include the cost of air travel to and from Thailand, visa applications, or travel insurance.

Who can join the YFCC?

Participants should be:

• Aged 17-35 (participants younger than 17 are welcome, provided they are accompanied by a teacher from their school or an adult representative from World Vision).

• Comfortable learning and communicating in English, which will be the language of instruction.

• Physically able to attend visits to rural and urban project sites in and around Bangkok.

• Able to commit to the full duration of the programme.

Who will be attending the YFCC?

Participants will come from a range of different countries where World Vision works.

Where will participants be based over the course of the conference?

Participants will be staying in Bangkok. All conference activities will be taking place in and around the capital city.

May I ask for a refund of the registration fee if I cannot attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances?

All registration fees are non-refundable; but you do have the option of finding another person who can take part in the conference in your place.

Can I contact World Vision for more information?

Sure! You are welcome to contact us at or +6569220136.

“World Vision is seeking to fully engage children and young people in the global campaign to end violence against children… Children and young people need to know that it is their right to live without violence and to stand up for one another – and for society to support them when they do.”

Mario Stephano

Child Participation Advisor,

Advocacy and External Engagement

World Vision International

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#WhatWorks To Stop Child Soldiers

Child refugees in Lebanon pushed into child labour

No Child For Sale: The 3Ds of Child Trafficking

It Takes A World: Year One

Check out our video resources below for an introduction to some of the themes that the Youth For Change Conference will explore.


Snapshots from 2017

To hear from a 2017 participant, check out our blog.

Violence against Children in the Digital Age

Why are children in developing countries especially vulnerable to new threats brought about by the rapid pace of digital penetration in their societies? How does poverty fuel the risk of children being harmed in the digital realm? Come find out how young digital natives can play a role in stemming the tide of online child abuse.

Why have child trafficking, child labour, and gender-based violence (against both boys and girls) been such entrenched problems in many parts of the Asia-Pacific? Join Abid Gulzar, World Vision’s Director of Advocacy and Justice for Children in East Asia, as he shares how World Vision has worked strategically with children and youth in affected areas to make their involvement central to programmes aimed at ending these abuses.

Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Child Labour in the Asia-Pacific

What prompted World Vision to initiate the ‘It Takes A World’ campaign, and what new threats to children’s well-being have emerged in the light of geopolitical, socio-economic and technological developments? Join Daniela Buzducea, World Vision’s Advocacy and External Engagement Lead and former National Director of World Vision Romania, as she explains the link between poverty and violence against children, and how World Vision’s holistic development approach helps to shape a safer world for them.

A Child’s World Today

How can young people spur ethical business action as consumer-advocates? How can social entrepreneurs and businesspeople shape child-friendly business ventures and CSR strategies? Mike Wisheart, a Senior Advisor in Business Sector Engagement and Partnerships from World Vision UK, will show how young people are more empowered to influence attitudes positively in the business world than they may think.

The Business(wo)man as Child Protector

Children on the move don’t have any officially enshrined rights: true or false? Kathrine Yee, World Vision’s Asia Pacific Manager for Advocacy and External Engagement, will share why children displaced by conflict are particularly vulnerable to abuse, and how World Vision is pursuing empirically grounded peace-building work to anticipate the drivers of violent conflict and to forestall or mitigate its impact on children.

On the Move: Protecting Children in Forced Displacement